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[Reading] ➿ Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies By James C. Collins – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
  • James C. Collins
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9788183225335

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    Visionary companies are premier institutions the crown jewels in their industries, widely admired by their peers and having a long track record of making a significant impact on the world around them The key point is that a visionary company is an organization an institution All individual leaders, no matter how charismatic or visionary, eventually die and all visionary products and services all great ideas eventually become obsolete Indeed, entire markets can become obsolete and disappear Yet visionary companies prosper over long periods of time, through multiple product life cycles and multiple generations of active leaders.18 visionary companies in this study 3MAmerican ExpressBoeingCiticorpFordGeneral ElectricHewlett PackardIBMJohnson JohnsonMarriottMerckMotorolaNordstromPhilip MorrisProcter GambleSonyWal MartWalt Disney12 Myths ShatteredMyth 1 It takes a great idea to start a great company.Reality Starting a company with a great idea might be a bad idea Few of the visionary companies began life with a great idea In fact, some began life without any specific idea and a few even began with outright failures Further, regardless of the founding concept, the visionary companies were significantly less likely to have early entrepreneurial success than the comparison compa...

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    This is one of the few business books I read cover to cover I found its idea of what makes companies great to be an inspiring one It led me to formulate my own Big Hairy Audacious Goal, which I ve tried to use to guide my company ever since Changing the world by spr...

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    jim collins cherry picked some companies that he thinks successfull and compare them to failed rival company in the same industry to find out what characteristics that successful company has that the rival company doesn tSounds good, but the problem is, he didn t compare the opposite What those characteristics of successful company which other failed company also has but they still failed.For example, Big Hairy Audicious goal I m pretty sure tha...

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    Used to know the author and read this book years ago But his methodology and assumptions are questionable.Critique from Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow s easy to connect the dots backwards, as Steve Jobs once put it Hindsight does not equal foresight.Luck and timing matter far than many want to admit For example, there were several personal compute...

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    Both James Collins and Jerry Porras have worked for a couple of the visionary companies that they write about and both have taught at Stanford University Graduate School of Business Porras still does Collins specializes in management education while Porras specializes in organizational behavior and change They write and speak extensively in these fields and work as consultants for many successful organizations.The thesis of this book is that visionary enduring companies are not dependent upon one charismatic CEO rather they share timeless, fundamental principles and patterns that transcend product ideas or great leaders A key principle they uncover from their research is that visionary companies tend to be clock builders, not time tellers Their first concern is building an organizational culture, rather than acquiring the right charismatic leader or the right product at the right time the company itself is the ultimate creation 28 Enduring companies also avoid the tyranny of the or and embrace the genius of the and 43 It s not go for the profit or go for the good of the world, but both Visionary companies aim for the distinct and e...

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    The single most important point to take away from this book is the critical importance of creating tangible mechanisms aligned to preserve the core and stimulate progress This is the essence of clock building 5 specific methods to do preserve the core and stimulate progress BHAGs Commitment to challenging, audacious and often risky goals and projects toward which a visionary company channels its efforts stimulates progress Cult like Cultures Great places to work only for those who buy into the core ideology those that don t fit with the ideology are ejected like a virus preserves the core Try a Lot of Stuff and Keep What Works High levels of action and experimentation often unplanned and undirected that produce new and unexpected paths of progress and enables visionary companies to mimic the biological evolution of species stimulates progress Home grown Management Promotion from within, bringing to senior levels only those who ve spent significant time steeped in the core ideology of the company preserves the core Good Enough Never Is A continual process of relentless self improvement with the aim of doing better and better, forever into the future stimulates progress Having a great idea or being a charismatic visionary leader is time telling building a company that can prosper far beyond the presence of any single lea...

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    I m reading this book for a company book club My company views this work as guide for building and maintaining the companymaking sure that it s built to last Reading Built to Last is also part of my indoctrination into the company culture, which I am told I am a good fit for It only follows that our book discussions are filled with comparisons of our company and the visionary companies studied We spend time relating what we read to what we see on a day to day basis at work, which makes this a interesting experience than if I d simply read Built to Last on my own That being said, I don t really care for the writing or rhetorical style of this book, and I think the ideas are a bit outdated maybe they ve already been internalized by the global business community but I think it s an interesting glimpse into the commonalities and inner working of some very large, famous and mostly still successful companies This week, we read about BHAGs and cult like cultures, the former of which elicited a few YFZ ranch comments Only in Texas but otherwise I think people were a bit reluctant to admit that our company endorses and embraces a cult like culture The myriad social groups, on si...

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