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From Potter's FieldTemple Gault, Il Serial Killer A Cui Kay Scarpetta Ha Gi Dato La Caccia, Torna A Colpire, Abbandonando Il Cadavere Di Una Donna In Central Park Alla Vigilia Di Natale Per Kay, Consulente Fissa Di Patologia Legale Dell FBI, L Inizio Di Un Nuovo Incubo In Cui Le Vittime Sono Destinate Ad Aumentare, Fino A Che Il Corpo Di Uno Sceriffo Della Virginia Le Viene Recapitato Direttamente All Obitorio E Chiaro A Questo Punto Chi Il Vero Obiettivo Del Serial Killer, Penetrato Anche Nel Sistema Informatico Dell FBI La Salvezza Di Kay Legata All Analisi Scientifica Dei Pochi Indizi Di Cui Dispone, Prima Del Drammatico Scontro Finale Nei Sotterranei Della Metropolitana Di New York

➺ From Potter's Field Download ➽ Author Patricia Cornwell – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 364 pages
  • From Potter's Field
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Italian
  • 23 September 2018
  • 9788804456780

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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to From Potter s Field, the sixth in the Kay Scarpetta thriller series, published in 1994 by Patricia Cornwell After five books, you begin expecting and from a series, wanting it to up its game, thrown mystery and character depth and you get that in this book however, you also get a bit of a different perspective this time A few things about this one 1 It picks up from a previous book with the same killer who still hadn t been caught It d be helpful to read the previous one so you are fully up to speed.2 Potter s Field is a real place It s where all the bodies of unknown identity have been buried in NYC.3 Involves a murder in Central Park Hits a little too close to home, given what happened in CP years ago.4 The ending is just bang killing spree over and let s fly back home.5 The killer is directly after Scarpetta finding victims beforehand to get Scarpetta to find him.6 You learn a lot about the underground And a killer s lair.7 Scarpetta never learns She won t partner with someone the way she should.8 This was probably the take off point in the series where the author became quite famous She had recognition before this book, but the series was widely known when this one was released.That said it s a solid read but a bit focused than previous books Wh...

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    Boy This booked pissed me off Normally I would give this book a better review, but no This book has all the angst and mystery that you expect from a Patricia Cornwell novel The plot is a continuation of a storyline started in a previous novel, the pursuit of Temple Gault Gault is just as dark and manipulative as in the other books and you race to the climax of the book to see if he will get away to torment Kay Scarpetta in the next novel, or will this chapter finally reach its conclusion After 350 pages of taut writing and involving narrative, the whole book resolves in ...

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    I ve read a lot of Cornwell s books The one thing that irks me the most about Scarpetta is that she doesn t let people help her when the big baddie is determined to fuck her shit up They want her to temporarily move to a safe hou...

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    SPOILERS 30 3 Like The Body Farm this book s title is false advertising An even smaller portion of the book was dedicated to what s named in the title the first victim is originally a Jane Doe and is buried in Potter s Field her real identity is later discovered and she s moved to a family plot Thinking about the plot of the book I can t think of an appropriate title off the top of my head, so maybe Cornwell had a similar mental block and at the last minute just pulled the title from an interesting though barely mentioned location that she had used in the book, not even considering how little it had to do with the story Or maybe the publisher thought the idea of a book with a storyline that featured Potter s Field and the body farm, previously would make it a bestseller and didn t consider how it fit with the plot Either way I think it backfired because it just leaves me scratching my head as to what Potter s Field really has to do with anything.I do think Cornwell s endings tend to be a bit rushed 400 pages of build up and escalating tension and then everything s over in a chapter and a one page epilogue if that , it all feels a bit abrupt and like ...

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    From Potter s Field is yes another brilliant psychological thriller from Patricia Cornwell The body of a homeless woman is found propped into a sitting position in the freezing cold Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner of Virginia is called in and immediately recognises the handiwork of Temple Brooks Gault, a serial killer never caught Except this time, his target is none other than her.In From Potter s Field, Patricia Cornwell explores the different relationships between the characters as well as mental illness The events that occur in From Potter s Field are much of what we could be seeing on TV the next day, insanely realistic She explores Temple Brooks Gault s game with Kay Scarpetta well, tempting and taunting her at every move.Dr Kay Scarpetta is the narrator of the series She has a great character, and her flaws really showed in this book Her inner sense of justice and honed instincts are a very great asset to her Some complications from earlier books remain, including her tangled love life.One of my other favourite characters is her niece, Lucy Lucy has a very high IQ, and is the mastermind behind the Criminal Artificial I...

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    I wouldn t rate this at the top of the Scarpetta series but Cornwell is great at what she does and this is no exception.If you don t know the Scarpetta series and read this on it s own, there are probably a few too many previous re...

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    3,5 5 .

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    From Potter s Field, by Patricia Cornwell, is the 6th book in the Kay Scarpetta series a series that is increasingly frustrating for me as a reader There are some things that Cornwell does really well, and some things she does poorly The scene were an out of control and panicked Scarpetta tries to regain control and calm by making dinner for everyone despite not having groceries That s a wonderful scene, emotional and true and very in character The increasingly dark and gross portrayal of Marino as the Designated Male Chauvinist Pig as opposed to rough around the edges working class good guy Is getting grating, especially as he s a dick to EVERYONE and Scarpetta limply defends him Dialogue of minor characters is bright and lively and full of personality, while Scarpetta s and Wesley s dialogue is stiff, stilted, overly formal, eschewing contractions It clunks along like a living example of how not to write engaging, fluid dialogue.The Scarpetta books, and , are fluff They re popcorn books to consume in one sitting, slightly formulaic, entertaining They re not books to mull over or treasure They re entertaining, though And the most interesting thing about them is how they rely on actual science and technology and not future tech like most television and movie crime procedurals This book is liberally littered with conversations about computers, programs, modems, UNIX, etc but in a way th...

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    Ugh Worst series ever I gave Kay Scarpetta a heroic try, dragging myself through 6 awful books waiting for things to get better, but they never did At least the boring Temple Gault horrendous name by the way is over and done with I have so many gripes about this series it s hard to know where to begin.First off, isn t she the medical examiner Shouldn t she be doing corpse examining Why is she always running off somewhere to go investigate I understand the consultant forensic pathologist role for the FBI, but she doesn t just give lend her knowledge about the body she has to try to be a profiler and an investigator too I don t know why the FBI has Benton or Marino when they could just keep Scarpetta full time.Second, the characters suck There is not one likeable person in this whole series NOT ONE Kay Scarpetta, rages and whines all day long about everything under the sun Is snooty and moody, bitches about everything and puts herself in the dumbest situations I have ever read a main character doing It is unbelievable to me that a medical examiner would have to kill so many people within their career much less in 6 years Lucy, the niece Totally gets her moodiness bitchiness from her aunt Her smart ass attitude and Kay s bragging about her genius whic...

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    Li os primeiros cinco livros da s rie Kay Scarpetta em Abril de 2012 e depois parei Na altura entusiasmava me muito com s ries de policiais e queria l las assim seguidas, mas acabava por me cansar de ler sempre sobre o mesmo O que perfeitamente normal Hoje em dia gosto de variar nos g neros e autores Ali s, n o lia um policial h algum tempo, por isso decidi continuar esta s rie moderadamente.Sinceramente, tantos livros diferentes depois, s tinha uma ideia dos livros anteriores No entanto, este livro faz v rias refer ncias ao passado e foi f cil apanhar o fio meada Kay Scarpetta uma m dica legista com uma personalidade forte e valores bem definidos uma mulher independente que vive quase exclusivamente para o trabalho No entanto, nesta fase da vida dela, tem a sobrinha a trabalhar perto.Neste livro, Kay persegue um assassino em s rie que a tem vindo a atormentar Achei curioso passar se na noite de Nata...

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