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Two Alone STRANDEDRusty Carlson Was The Only Woman On The Plane She D Believed She Was The Only Survivor Of The Crash, Until The Man Who D Been Seated Across From Her Showed Signs Of Life.Cooper Landry S Head Throbbed, But He Was Alive And Stranded With A Gorgeous Redhead Whose Injury Was Serious Than His Own Though He Feared They D Never Be Rescued, The Former POW Had Been In Worse Scrapes, With Less Attractive Company.But Landry S Hopes For Deliverance Were Threatened When Two Shifty Looking Characters Offered Help He Sensed Danger And He Had To Think Fast Before The Crash, Cooper Had Been A Solitary Man, But This Woman Had Proved That Two, In Love, Could Triumph Over Anything.

[Reading] ➳ Two Alone  ➻ Erin St. Claire – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 245 pages
  • Two Alone
  • Erin St. Claire
  • English
  • 04 November 2018
  • 9780373072132

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    OK, all the clich s were at work here maybe Tough, sexy, alpha Vietnam vet Sexy, city girl Both survive a plane crash and have to rely on one another for survival It is one of her older books and I did enjoy it but it has not of the grit that her newer books have You could do worse than spend an hour or two reading it But after a plane crash stranded them in the remote reaches of the north, the strangers had no choice but to depend on one another.Beautiful and self confident businesswoman Rusty Carlson was hurt, terrified and alone with a man she feared But one thing was certain she would surely die without his help.Vietnam vet Cooper Landry had a deep rooted grudge against beautiful women like Rusty Experience had taught him they were takers But he d survived far worse dangers, and this time he d be damned if he d let her risk his chance for survival. Get Clark Gable out of you...

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    I really enjoyed this older Sandra Brown Silhouette Intimate Moments romance from 1987 Rusty a Beverly Hills socialite who works for her father s real estate company and Cooper a Vietnam vet are the only survivors of an airplane crash and find themselves stranded in the Canadian wilderness Along the way they encounter two shady unsavory hermits who offer them shelter Cooper was a b...

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    Sigh This was fantastic Simply fantastic There s a reason why Sandra is my favorite author Lol I couldn t put this book down.

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    This felt like a Linda Howard book rather then a Sandra Brown book Good read but not what I expected, there was zero suspense, it about the blossoming romance between the Hh.

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    A pampered socialite and an embittered veteran fight for survival after crash landing in the remote Northwest Territories The plot had so much in common with a couple of my favorite Linda Howards that I just had to read this one But the similarities tantalized just as the differences disappointed.Rusty and Cooper Both had an okay and an annoying side.She started out well for a LA socialite Stoic and valiant in face of a situation completely out of her comfort zone by about 180 degrees But when she kept bringing up things that are realities in the world somewhere like designer sheets and downy pillows, bubble baths and perfumes again and again, then it got annoying Okay harking for a warm bed, the safety of home, a glass of milk or even a doughnut is understandable but just when you want to admire her for enduring so much with pragmatism, she reverts to kind As...

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    Esta novela me trae tant simos recuerdos de la maravillosa novela de Javier Salazar Calle Ndura Hijo de la selva que no puedo evitar darle cinco estrellas.Para m , Sandra Brown es una de las mejores escritoras de ficci n contempor nea con una forma de escribir exquisita, unos personajes fant sticamente perfilados y unas historias que te encogen el coraz n hasta el d...

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    The hook has been used many times before beautiful woman and cynical man find themselves stranded and must work together to survive and in the process end up falling in love The book has two things going for it, it s short and the bulk of the book is focused on how they survive, not on ho...

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    Lord..Rusty s taut breasts and Cooper s mustache should be listed as characters lol I have never read a book where such descriptive images of boobs were a focal point Even in the epilogue I thought surely they are done mentioning her ample breasts...

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    I hate books that do a 180 on you at the end and you re sitting there saying, who are these people That s this book by Sandra Brown It starts out with a plane crash, the h h are the sole survivors, they tough it out, they return to civilization, go their separate ways and life is sad without the other It sounds good, but it s not The hero, Cooper Landry a Vietnam War vet yes the book is dated , despises the heroine, Rusty Carlson rich socialite of sorts He s got so many issues that he s nothing but a boor and a jerk He s so mean and ornery that you just want to slap him one and screech go back under that rock where you came from He really comes across as an 80 year old geezer sometimes and not some hot 30 year old babe The two are stranded in the wilds of the Canadian north when their plane goes down so they have to rough it together He of course can but she can t, though she tries Cooper berates her ever chance he gets and she just sucks it up or mildly tells him to stop Why she never flat out told him to go bleep bleep himself I don t know but that s what he needed For a good halfway through the novel this is all you get but you think there might be some potential for a good love hate story here Well no, it s just hate There s no emotion building between the two There s sex but that s it This a hole makes Anne Stuarts a hole heroes look nearly angelic at times He s so grating and just unlikeable Once they return to civilization he s still a jerk...

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