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Foolish Pursuits After Being In Several Failed Relationships, Including One That Nearly Cost Nightclub Owner Latoya Bradshaw Her Life, She Attempts To Focus On Herself And Moving On However Love, Lust, And Loneliness Cause Her To Put Herself In Even Bigger Predicaments When Dealing With Her Former Lover, Joi Joi S Angry Ex Husband, Anthony And Know It All Family And Friends.Latoya Has To Determine Whether She Will Keep Going On Foolish Pursuits Or Get Herself Together And Be Ready For The Inevitable Changes That Are About To Occur In Her Life.

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    This was a good read It was sloe in the beginning but eventually pulled me in I don t feel that it was as strong as part 1 but it definitely answered lingering questions and dished out some great Karma Good job Renee

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    I enjoyed the Pursuit of Joi, but this sequel went in a different direction than I expected I liked reading from Toya s POV, but I wasn t feeling her character at all this time around Foolish pursuits doesn t even begin to describe the dumb shit she got int...

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    This was my first read by this author and I had no idea it was about a lesbian romance because I hadn t actually read the blurb I was pleasantly surprised by the plot construction, character development and not necessarily predictable twists I may read in the future.

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    In Foolish Pursuits , I GOT JUST WHAT I HOPED FOR We finally get the scoop on Toya s past and to relish in the EMOTIONAL aftermath of love, lust, loneliness and vulnerability gone DRAMATICALLY wrong.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Olivia Renee Wallace s talent for bringing a story to life Her writing style paints a vivid and relatable portrayal of very well developed characters and PULLS OUT ALL THE EMOTIONAL STOP...

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    Your killing meI cried I lol I got mad I got sad I remember pain,This read is so close to my liife..it like you were telling parts of meI love Lady T Yup I am a fan.Keep writing Peace is all I want along with a good women

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    I enjoyed this follow up to In Pursuit of Joi, however, a second or first round of editing could have made it even better.

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    Patience is a virtue This book was a easy read for me It s about a love story between two women If you have the willingness to wait on your true love than bravo to you On the flip side of things it s a lot of scandalous plus deceitful lying ass people in the book That is way it s a easy read.

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    Good BookI didn t particularly care for the situation between Toya and Anthony, it really wasn t necessary I also would have liked to see romance between Joi and Toya, but overall it was a good read

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    great read

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