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UnfetteredYou Define Life Or It Defines You In Shawn Speakman S Case, It Was Both Lacking Health Insurance And Diagnosed With Hodgkin S Lymphoma In 2011, Shawn Quickly Accrued A Massive Medical Debt That He Did Not Have The Ability To Pay.That S When New York Times Bestselling Author Terry Brooks Offered To Donate A Short Story That Shawn Could Sell To Help Alleviate Those Bills And Suggested He Ask The Same Of His Other Writer Friends Unfettered Is The Result An Anthology Built In Order To Relieve That Debt, Featuring 23 Short Stories By Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Carrie Vaughn, Jacqueline Carey, Peter V Brett, Peter Orullian, R A Salvatore, Todd Lockwood, Black Charlton, Daniel Abraham, Kevin Hearne, Mark Lawrence, David Anthony Durham, Jennifer Bosworth, Robert V.S Redick, Eldon Thompson, Naomi Novik, Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson, Michael J Sullivan, Lev Grossman, Terry Brooks, And, Of Course, Shawn Speakman.With The Help Of Stalwart Friends And These Wonderful Short Stories, Shawn Has Taken The Gravest Of Life S Hardships And Created Something Magical Unfettered Is Not Only A Fantastic Anthology In Its Own Right, But It S A Testament To The Generosity Found In The Science Fiction And Fantasy Community Proof That Humanity Can Give Beyond Itself When The Need Arises After All, Isn T That The Driving Narrative In Fantasy Literature Length 20 Hrs And 16 Mins

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  • Audio CD
  • 21 pages
  • Unfettered
  • Shawn Speakman
  • English
  • 07 June 2018
  • 9781491508329

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    Over the last couple weeks, people have been asking me about this anthology, where my first ever short story published But I can t write an honest review of it yet, as I haven t had a chance to read it all the way through I can say that what I ve read so far, I ve really liked In addition to that, I did write the introduction to the book, and since that explains what the anthology is all about, I m going to put that up here so people can see it Can I be honest here I don t read forewords Can I be painfully honest I don t even know what forwards are for Am I supposed to somehow convince you to buy this book Are you even now standing in a bookstore, reading this, your gut roiling with indecision That doesn t seem to make sense to me For one thing, you can see the folks in this anthology You ve read their names on the cover It couldn t be impressive if it included Lord Krishna and Optimus Prime If those names didn t convince you, what could I possibly say that might tip you over the edge I mean, it is true that owning this book will make you roughly 38% attractive Its mere presence on your shelf boosts your metabolism, too And there s the fact that touching it on a daily basis is proven to cure scrofula and reverse baldness Seriously, what do you expect I m in the book And I m a professional liar You can t trust my opinion on this matter Of course I d like you to buy it Maybe you ve already bought this book, and now...

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    Yes, I have a story in this anthology so my rating comes from all stories except The Jester I ll leave it to others to say how well I did on that particular piece I am going to provide the brief intro to my piece, though, in the hopes that finding out what my story is about will help others take a look The characters of Royce and Hadrian came to me during my self imposed ten year hiatus from writing After crafting twelve novels and spending a decade getting nowhere, I had determined that publication was hopeless, and I had vowed never to write creatively again But they kept invading my mind, and as hard as I tried to silence them, I finally gave in, on one condition that I would write a book that I wanted to read and forgo any thoughts of publication What a fun time I had bringing these two rogues to life My wife decided to circumvent my plans and got the books published, and hence Riyria was born The six books of The Riyria Revelations were released by Orbit in three two book omnibus volumes, and while I thought that would be ...

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    I admit it.I m biased.I think Unfettered is badass than Patrick Rothfuss s beard.That said, I am a fantasy fan first I always will be And I am perhaps even judgmental of projects that I am working on than those I m not So when I say Unfettered is a solid fantasy anthology and deserves to be read, I mean it.There are several short stories in here that should be nominated for Hugo Awards No joke And the rest are solid entries There are two I d love to see grown into full length novels one day And I m even happy with my own short story, something I don t say too often about my own work.If you love fantasy and love what these writers do, Unfettered is a great place for you You will read stories from some of your favorite writers you will read and hopefully fall in love with some new writers That s the point To be a great sampling and promote reading of the fantastic.I hope you love Unfettered as much as I enjoyed ...

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    This is an anthology of short stories taking place in well knows fantasy series I will update my review as I read stories, but for now this is only a partial one River of Souls Series Wheel of Time, Author Brandon Sanderson. I admit this was the main attraction for me The whole story is a big spoiler for something which is revealed in the last book of the huge series, so even the slightest hint on the plot would contain some I will try to at least minimize them and just mention that it gives a glimpse on the answer to the question which bothered the fans of the series since book 6 what the heck was Demandred up to I already mentioned spoilers The only appropriate time to read the story is after you finish the main series It cannot even be read right before the last book I need to mention something else this is not a canon story Jordan said several times that he will not write anything related to the subject it deals with Sanderson decided the subject needs some explanation, so he wrote this part According to late Jordan s wishes it was cut off the main books, but it made its way to the anthology For the fans of the series who have read everything else it provides a nice if short last journey into the world build by Robert Jordan 3.5 stars.The Jester Series Riyria Revelations, Author Michael J Su...

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    This was a rather enjoyable anthology I read some stories, skimmed others and skipped some I might go back and read re read some of these in the future, but for now, here are individual ratings of the ones I did read Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks 3 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss 2 stars The Old Scale Gam...

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    Well I ve yet to read any of the stories except mine but mine s off the hook D go buy this the leather bound signed by all the author copies went in a hurry but you can still snag a fine trade edition.I expect some of those other guys are ok too

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    I ve started reading this short story collection, and so far I m definitely enjoying it I ll keep updating my review as I progress through it Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks I really enjoyed this story, it s very well written and I liked the combination of the two worlds, with how each fantastical adventure was preceded by a hit on the head It made for an interesting story, where you could view it as all in the kid s imagination, or that it was real The whole brain cancer or whatever it was angle was also really interesting, if this was the precursor of one of his series, I may have to check it out 5 5 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss I absolutely love Rothuss Kingkiller series, and while this short story is really interesting, on it s own I didn t love it The story telling format was incredibly unique, and I love how it is probably a story song Kvothe s world However, I wish there had been meat on the bones, I want to know about the woman and the anthropomorphic Holly Tree, but in this story format that was impossible ...

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    Meta ISFDB, edited by Shawn SpeakmanDozois praised this anthology to be one of the year s best The author list is impressing as well, any hard core fan of Brooks, Rothfuss, Williams etc would probably order it instantly Especially knowing that it is a kind of charity where authors donated stories to help the editor out of financial debts imposed by his medical situation, treating cancer This alone is a curiosity for my cultural background Here in Germany, everyone has health insurance, no one would have to face those dangers I don t know if Mr Speakman s solution to the problem is very common in U.S or people go bankrupt But I simply don t find myself into this donation system But what I understand completely is the cancer background of several of those stories My father had cancer for over a year, and he passed away last September.So, there is some part that I do understand und some part of the context that I don t I don t want to praise each and every story alone because of the charity effect If you care for it, you ll buy it anyways, right What I ll do, is to disregard the charity effect Meaning If I think that a story doesn t work for me, I won t give it stars only because it was donated for a good cause Does that sound fair You ll find the reviews below I had high expections because there are many authors involved that I really like I never crossed an anthology that frustrated me so much after a couple of stories that I wanted to t...

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    This is an Anthology put together by Shawn Speakman in order to help to pay off his medical bills which came after getting cancer for the second time Due to being a cancer survivor before he was unable to get insurance and is now very much in need of financial help All of the stories were donated by various authors and there were no restraints put on what they could include and write about.It s hard to rate the book as a whole because there are such a mix of authors, stories, lengths and genres, but I have settled on 4 s as that was what I rated the majority of stories, however, I have reviewed and given a small synopsis for each novella in the collection.Imaginary Friends by Terry BrooksI just read my first ever Terry Brooks story and I liked it an awful lot A tale of elves and magic in an everyday world which revolves around our main character Jack, 13 years old, who is battling a disease An enchanting and action packed story which I enjoyed thoroughly 5 s and I look forward to picking up some of his longer works in future How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick RothfussAfter reading the Rothfuss story I feel a little saddened as it was written in what seemed to me almost to be a sad lament of poetry or a chant of a mournful memory The story is about a Lady, and an Old Holly tree it s written in an odd way, but the tempo is engaging and whilst...

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    The editor of this Anthology, Shawn Speakman, was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 Because he had no health insurance, Terry Brooks offered to give him a short story to help defray the medical costs He also told Shawn that he should ask other authors to contribute to as well This book is what came of that.Most of the stories are very good, with a few that are outstanding, and only 1 or 2 were duds Here is a list of the stories, and what I thought about them Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks A fairly good story about a boy with cancer who meets an elf The boy goes into the forest with him to slay a dragon, but no one believes him 3 stars How Old Holly Came To Be by Patrick Rothfuss Suprisingly, this was one of the duds in the book Rothfuss is one of my favorite authors, but this is a weird poem It felt like he was going for a Norse mythology style This story didn t work for me 2 stars The Old Scale Game by Tad Williams I am not a Tad Williams fan, but this is a great story The story of a Knight and a Dragon pulling a pool shark scam 4 stars Game of Chance by Carrie Vaughn One of the best in the book This is a story about a group of people that control history by stepping outside of it 5 stars Martyr of the Roses by Jacqueline Carey Jacqueline Carey is another author that I am not a big fan of, but this is also a very good st...

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