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On the Christian Sacraments These Lectures On The Christian Sacraments Were Delivered In Jerusalem In The Mid Fourth Century, As An Exposition Of The Rites Of Christian Initiation Baptism, Chrismation And The Eucharist For The Newly Baptized A Rich Source Of Information On The Worship Of The Early Church With Parallel Greek Text.

[BOOKS] ⚦ On the Christian Sacraments  Author Cyril of Jerusalem – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 83 pages
  • On the Christian Sacraments
  • Cyril of Jerusalem
  • English
  • 18 January 2017
  • 9780913836392

10 thoughts on “On the Christian Sacraments

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    An interesting read from a Doctor of the Church As I understand it, St Cyril delivered these homilies to catechumens awaiting baptism on Easter in the mid 4th Century from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre itself Quite a bit of interesting history in the introduction in the version I read, anyway about Cyril s time as Bishop of Jerusalem, the conflict between the Catholic and Arian beliefs, Roman interference with the governance of the church, etc As to the lectures, they are delivered in a lively manner, clearly introductory in depth though there are a few surprises for those looking for them Looking back over 1,600 years, one is surprised by how little things have changed in the theology, and though the liturgy is not identical there are than enough familiar elements to know what is going on He does stumble on the Book of Revelation the end times will come within the era of the Roman Empire and believing the phoenix...

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    St Cyril of Jerusalem provides lectures concerning the Eucharist, Baptism, Chrismation, and Confession in this work It is worth a read if one is interested in an ancient catechesis of the first few Mysteries of the Church.

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    One of my favorite series of books is called the Popular Patristics Series It has been in publication for years and seeks to make influential writings of the Church Fathers accessible and available At present, there are 57 volumes today, and while I don t all of them unfortunately , I have been blessed with each one I have read Today, I would like to tell you about the latest volume in the series entitled Lectures on the Christian Sacraments by St Cyril of Jerusalem.The book begins with a lengthy 50 pages introduction which discusses St Cyril s Mystagogical Catecheses, the importance of Jerusalem in the history of Christianity, the Rites of Christian Initiation in Jerusalem, the authorship of St Cyril s works, and the various manuscripts of this work The rest of the book spans 70 pages with Greek on the left pages and an English translation on the right pages The work is divided into two parts, The Protocatechesis and The Mystagogical Catecheses, with the latter being further divided into five sections On the Prebaptismal Rites, On the Baptismal Rites, On the Chrismation, On the Body and Blood of Christ, and on the Eucha...

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    This book presented to me a hermeneutical and aesthetic challenge I began reading it due to my interest in liturgy and sacramental theology I finished it realizing how much of the Enlightenment air I breathe.Part of the difficulty in reading this work is that St Cyril simply does not think like we do He sees pictures and symbols and has no problems making connections This can make the work frustrating to the reader These six lectures deal with the symbolism behind eastern Patristic sacramental thinking It is not so much a theology of the sacraments but a demonstration of the sacramental life of his church In preparing for baptism and the Eucharist, the catechumen will face the West, publically renounce Satan and his works, have her head and lips anointed with oil, etc.St Cyril then gives exegetical reasoning behind these actions While we will not find his reasoning persuasive, it is interesting that he appeals t...

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    St Cyril s lectures on the sacrament showed this naive former Protestant just how consistent tradition has been throughout the CENTURIES The Eucharist described here is about 80 the same as my current Parish, its remarkable Further, St Cyril s emphasis on stage...

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    Like all early church fathers, this one is a mixed bag The lecture on the eucharistic food is amazing, the one that follows gives the first inklings of the Papistic eucharistic sacrifice The initial chapter on baptism is wonderful in extolling the gifts the one on c...

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    Content is incredible and is a good guide to understanding sacraments and the process of becoming catechumens and then becoming fully united to the Church However, translation is in old English which is unnecessary The Greek and English texts are available in the book yet...

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    Easy to read and thorough Interesting to see how baptism was handled in Jerusalem during the 4th century, as well as the Eucharist If you are reading this review it probably means your are interested in the subject matter, and so I recommend it.

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    Of particular interest to me was reading about the early Church s 4th century view of baptism and communion, in which they are not mere symbols but actually accomplish a purpose beyond mere obedience to a command.

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    Excellent translation of an ancient text that explains a lot of Christian history that many have disregarded.

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