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The Fat Man in HistoryVaak Krijgt Een Bepaalde Bevolkingsgroep Joden, Kleurlingen, Allochtonen De Schuld Van Alles Wat Er Mis Is In De Maatschappij Volgens Deze Volstrekt Arbitraire Methode Zou Deze Keuze Evengoed Op Dikke Mensen Kunnen Vallen Dus Waarom Zou Er Niet Ooit Een Revolutionaire Groepering De Macht Grijpen En Vervolgens Beweren Dat We In Een Aards Paradijs Zouden Leven Als Er Maar Geen Dikke Mensen Meer Bestonden In Het Titelverhaal Van Deze Bundel Beschrijft Peter Carey Wat Er Gebeurt Als Een Groep Dikke Mensen In Deze Situatie Probeert Een Contrarevolutie Op Touw Te Zetten De Verhalen Van Carey Zijn Allegorie N Waarin, Als In Een Droom, Iets Vreemd En Dreigends Op Volstrekt Verklaarbare Wijze De Macht Heeft Overgenomen.In De Verhalen Worden Ogenschijnlijk Bizarre Voorvallen Door Carey Zo Overtuigend Beschreven Dat Ze Op De Alledaagse Werkelijkheid Lijken.

[PDF] ⚣ The Fat Man in History ✯ Peter Carey – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • The Fat Man in History
  • Peter Carey
  • Dutch
  • 28 September 2019
  • 9789029508599

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    As IfMany of the reviews of this fantastic collection of short stories mention the following comment by Peter Carey The trouble with academics is that they try too hard to understand these stories They should relax The stories are only about what they seem to be about They are, if you like, a collection of what if stories I took a dozen or so hypotheses and asked what would happen if Try as I did to avoid citing this comment, it sums up the appeal of the collection perfectly.I love the expression what if , not to mention the German phrase, als ob.I even started to mark every time I saw the word if in the book, to see what I might discover.Yet, the I contemplated Carey s comment, the I appreciated how glib and potentially self deprecating it is, in an almost typically Australian way.When anybody sits down and wonders whether and what if, they are effectively utilizing their imagination.So Carey was really just explaining the creative process in the simplest possible language he could conceive.His comment and his approach are at once both simple and profound.The Sweetest ManoeuvresThe closest literary analogies I can think of are Italo Calvino, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Heinrich B ll and Franz Kafka.Peter Carey s fiction was first published by University of Queen...

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    If there s one thing I think goes against postmodernist writers, it might be that they are sometimes too clever for their own good, creating dense stories full of pointless cerebration, without taking the most important factor into consideration, the reader Thankfully for me breezing through Peter Carey for the first time I found he didn t suffer from this problem The stories that make up this collection were both stimulating and entertaining, without being pompous or impenetrable Carey mixes science fiction, surrealism, naturalism and capitalism to great effect, along with the title story, another two I found really good were War Crimes and Puzzling Nature of Blue , examining human nature from different angles, he never loses sight of the characters humanity, something that is widely done in fiction Not all stories grabbed me however, two or ...

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    Review by Helen HagemannThe Fat Man in History, first published in 1974 by UQP, is a collection of twelve short stories and the least well known of Carey s work The stories contain many aspects of Australian life, its landscape and people The title story, The Fat Man in History, is about a group of rather large men who live in a share house, yet they are the Fat Men Against the Revolution fat now being synonymous with reactionary Peeling depicts the relationship of an older man imposing his sexual impulses on his upstairs neighbour, an abortionist and collector of dolls Peeling is a simulacrum of peeling an onion where the man strips down her body to reveal one of her bare, white painted dolls American Dreams has a simple premise of a man building a wall around his property It is also a satirical look at how townsfolk dream their American dreams They watch American films at the Roxy, and dream, if not of America, then at least of becoming wealthy, owning modern houses, and big motor cars Their hometown, it seems, is the least of th...

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    The entirety of these stories is wonderful, but the most affecting by far is The Chance The story involves Paul, who in his current incarnation, resembles a street fighter, and Carla, one of the extremely beautiful Hups, who have vowed to endure the Lottery so as to truly embody the proletariat by being one of them Paul does not want Carla to undergo this change however, she cannot be swayed from fulfilling this desire The reader is treated to a tearful love story until we come to 17 In the dark, in the night, something woke me My tongue furry, my eyes like gravel, my head still dulled from the dope and drink, half conscious I half saw the woman sitting in the chair by the bed A fat woman weeping I watched her like television A blue glow from the neon lights in the street showed the coarse, folded surface of her face, her poor lank greying hair, deep creases in her arms and fingers like the folds in babies skin, and the great drapery of chin and neck was reminiscent of drought resistant cattle from India It was not a fair time, not a fair test I am better than that It was the wrong time Undru...

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    A flippant cruelty animates these clumsily sketched cartoons.

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    The first five stories resonate the most, but there are many in this collection that will stay with me Such is their conceptual ingenuity and, hey, the execution isn t half bad either Carey knows how to wring weight and implication out of the barest of sentences While some of the themes border on the surreal side, most of these stories are propelled by pure universal human drama.The standouts for me were Do you love me , The Chance and the title story, Exotic Pleasures These three, I feel, represented a perfect marriage of high end spec fiction concepts and nuanced, true to life relationships The Last Days of a Famous Mime and Peeling were taut and suggested a philosophical leaning lacking in the others, while War Crimes and The Fat Men in History were perfect bookends, representing similar, yet contrasting ends of the same spectrum A Windmill in the West was the only real letdown It wore out its premise early and degenerated into a frustrating dirge though, to be fair to the damn thing, that was in part the point.I...

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    A brilliant collection of short stories The Chance Set in a futuristic society, where people gamble for new bodies in a genetic lottery was creepy yet beautifully written with stark description and a sense of this could really happen The namesake story The Fat Man in History is about a group of fatties Now ostracised by society w...

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    I d forgotten how deeply alienating Carey s early work was Bracing reading in our current times.

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    A stimulating and brilliantly imaginative collection of mostly dystopian tales, often with strange premises and or gnarly plot twists In addition to dystopian overtones, various tales address body image, pro or anti Americanism, capitalism versus communism or at least their byproducts , solitude, mental health, suicide, murder, guilt, revolutionary ideals, addiction, pleasure, fame, and much Carey s style seems to involve using characters as thought experiments, and the results are frequently enlightening, challenging, darkly comedic, or disturbing 4.5 Stars Below are some blurbs about most of the stories in the book, as I found most of them enjoyable If you want to go in totally surprised, don t read them 1 The Fat Man in History Finch is fat and living with other fat men in a co housing unit, in an anti American, post revolutionary, Marxist world, where o...

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