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Nile God Isenti, The Charismatic High Priestess Is Getting Suspicious About The Political Intentions Of The High Priest At A Time Of Growing Unrest She Arranges An Appointment In Karnak For Her Nephew To Keep Her Informed As A Young Priest He S Grateful For The Opportunity But Does He Know What He S In For A Meeting With The Beautiful Isisti Creates Some Tension But A Compelling Magnetism Develops When An Ancient Vow Is Threatened They Use Their Mysterious Powers To Intervene And Provoke Action.Romance, Mystery, Secrets And Intrigue Inexorably Collide In A Race Against Time.

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    Unreadable.Of course, unreadable is just ONE of the uns that would suit this book Unorganised and uninteresting would also work not to mention unedited It s clear that the author knows a lot about the subject the small portion of the book I could bring myself to read was like a bland sponge cake with scattered Egyptian factoids rather than raisins The actual sequencing of the book is illogical, punctuation is misused, dialog...

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