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The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching WritingThis Guide To Teaching Writing And To Major Theoretical Issues Includes A Brief Anthology Of Scholarly Essays And New Coverage Of Construct Ing Successful Assignments Using Visual, Oral, And Electronic Texts Teaching Multilingual Writers And Using Technology In The Writing Classroom.

EPUB ✸ The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing Author Cheryl Glenn – Thegreatwallonline.us
  • Paperback
  • 576 pages
  • The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing
  • Cheryl Glenn
  • English
  • 17 July 2017
  • 9780312451332

10 thoughts on “The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing

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    Writing skills are very important for college and secondary school students English teachers at college or secondary school must teach their students writing to make them quality in the job market no doubt, employers want their employees who are well skilled in writing We do correspondence with our customs out there through emails, so teaching writing is indispensable work for English teachers Cheryl Glenn knows this before and designs a smooth way for teachers to pass through on their way forward teaching writing conducting peer review sessions, grading skills, workshops, conferences, writing assignments, useful websites are some of the strategies used for the classroom However, guidelines on how to prepare for the course including prompts for designing a workable class schedule, syllabus, and major assignments throughout the semester are skillfully included Teaching style based on theory ...

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    This is a comprehensive book on teaching writing to college level students I m looking forward to applying the information I learned in this book to all of my English classes, despite levels.

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    A very useful and critical read for composition writing instructors I learned a lot about my field and myself as an instructor by becoming familiar with the major and fundamental theoretical issues and the various perspectives of th...

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    I wish I d known about this book during my first year of teaching Glenn Goldthwaite take teachers through the whole process, from syllabus writing to assigning grades The writers are never condescending, and they provide useful lists of articles and books for further reading As a veteran teacher, I skimmed through most of the introductory stuff, but found good ideas about grading and group work in the classroom that have the potential to I hope revitalize my teaching and give me back some free time My only complaint stems from my current situation The St Martin s Guide to Teaching Writing is written primarily for Teaching Assistants, who teach an ideal course load of 1 2 classes per semester Some of the strategies described grading and commenting on student work stand out as the most applicable examples cannot possibly work for teachers of 3 and 4 sections Or, they cannot ...

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    If the faculty at the university I teach at would have given this book to me than 2 weeks before I had to begin teaching, my entire pedagogy would have been based on this book Alas, this was not the case.Also, teachers that find themselves teaching at a university that uses process based portfolio grading may have a harder time implementing some of the grad...

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    Being someone who has teaching experience, this wasn t all that useful for me However, the first half of the book breaks down in rather expansive detail all of the things that a first year teacher should think about The latter half of the book drops in some theory, but all in all, I don t think thi...

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    This book is packed with information It is aimed at teaching core composition at the university level, but so much of it is applicable to the secondary world I conceptualized this book almost as a methods cour...

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    This book covers both theoretical and practical issues in teaching writing, specifically directed to those who teach Freshman Writing Courses It is excruciatingly specific and includes a truly wonderful selection of scholarly essays about writing instruction I highly recommend it there s nothin...

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    A very useful book for those who teach or tutor in writing There were a great number of assignments and in class activities that I highlighted, and will eventually use myself The essays in the back of the book are also really great.

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    Copies given to all U of MN graduate students teaching University Writing 09 10 school year.

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