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Sneak Thievery (The Fade, #2) UPDATE Sneak Thievery Release Date Postponed Indefinitely.

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    I LOVED the fist book, can t wait to get my hands on this one Woahhhhhh. what the heck When did the cover change And what happened to the publication date T T the publication date got moved to next year You re killin me here Samantha T T.

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    I am really looking forward to this book Really disappointed in the push back of a publish date Consider the fans of Slumber will have been waiting like 2.5 years for this next book You know the ones like myself who caught on to a great book, read it right away and loved it 2014, that is far t...

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    I NEED TO KNOW WHEN THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED Does anybody know the exact date

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    My favorite model did the cover for this. So I was intrigued.

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    Absolutely loved the first book Can t wait for the secondany news on a release date

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    I waaaaaaaaant it Ah, I wish I could time travel.

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    Bu kad n beni meraktan atlatacak 2014 ya

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